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    kid loki and thor; aftermath


    In the aftermath, Thor weeps. His brother is still upon the healing stones, and they know not when he will again awaken. Another trick Loki schemed, only the victim had been no one other than himself, and now the World Tree is slowly shedding its charred remains and growing green and full again, and Asgardia smolders.

    He should have trusted his brother, should have seen past his many guises to the truth. Or perhaps if he had done so, the spiderweb of schemes would have grown more tangled. Indeed, perhaps Loki had even known that Thor would not trust him, had counted on it. This realization brings a fresh wave of horrible guilt over Thor as he looks upon his brother, so pale and small.

    The burns have healed already, as have the other physical wounds, but the healers shook their heads at Thor’s repeated questions about his awakening. The mind did not heal so quickly, they said. And these are wounds that we will never see.

    How Thor wishes he could dive into his brother’s mind as easily as he had Surtur’s flame, and he could fight Loki’s demons for him, could vanquish them all and his brother would wake up. And he would apologize for his lack of faith, and he would watch over his brother this time, would know of his friends and trails and dealings.

    Perhaps he would even take him away from the poison of Asgardia, somewhere Loki could be just Loki, Thor’s brother, and nothing more.

    A second second chance.

    If only he would wake! He grasps his brother’s smaller hand and it is warm with Engel fire, not the chill ice that is his natural state. He imagines the fire roaring through his brother’s body and prays for a balm.

    (i just - i can’t with JiM/Everything Burns omg not ready)

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