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    Art’s great nudes have gone skinny

    Italian artist Anna Utopia Giordano has created a visual re-imagination of historic nude paintings, had the subjects conformed their bodies to what the 21st century considers an ideal of beauty. The results are revealing—and quite shocking in what they say about the modern attitude toward women’s bodies.

    This is genius

    This makes me uncomfortable

    I would like to point out, though, that the women in these paintings were still depicted within the beauty standards of their time. A lot of times standards that were still considered unrealistic for most women. Pale skin and fuller figures were associated with wealth, much like tans and thinner figures are today.
    In medieval art, you see a lot of women depicted with full stomachs, and smaller hips and breasts. A fantasy of the female figure that isn’t necessarily realistic. Much like thinner figures with disproportionately large breasts of today.
    My point being, beauty standards that are difficult to obtain or are downright unrealistic have existed as long as we’ve had art.
    For today’s women who look longingly at Reubens paintings featuring voluptuous women, unless you were in a well-to-do family, you probably wouldn’t have looked like that at that particular time.

    I think these gifs are very interesting. But I still feel the need to point out that insane beauty standards have always existed even if the standards themselves have changed.

    One of our 2-D design projects at my previous college was to pose in a photo to imitate a (academically relevant) painting. No photoshop was allowed, just us and whatever we did to look like the painting. The hardest ones to imitate were the figure paintings, because holy fuck anatomy does not work that way. Abstract expressionists weren’t the first ones to take huge liberties with anatomy to make shit work, because in almost every painting there is no way that shit could have worked.

    I remember reading that the woman in Ingres’s Large Odalisque would need about three extra vertebrae to exist in real life based on her pose.

    I’d think she’d need more than that… a detachable leg, for starters. And exorcist neck too.

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    NPR posted an article with a title asking why people don’t read anymore, but the content was just an April Fools joke. Then people started to embarrass themselves.


    This is so beautiful 

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    Better You

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DAY 18
 A couple (any two people)

Otters are people, too.


    DAY 18

    A couple (any two people)

    Otters are people, too.

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    Spoiled rabbit growls/thumps when you stop petting it (´;ω;`)


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    140407 Siwon and Hangeng at Jackie Chan’s Birthday Event. [x]

    Finally…real pictures! lol. This is nice.

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